“As individuals express their life, so they are.”

- Karl Marx



Reform Balance was founded in the belief that your lifestyle impacts how you feel and think about yourself.  

We are an international community for those with busy lifestyles. We introduce natural, wholesome options focusing on wellness and nutrition:

-       Organic food

-       Exercise

-       Relaxation Techniques

-       Time Management

-       Mind Cultivation

-       Loving Yourself

We aim to reform wellness by balancing science and mindful intuition, nurturing a sustainable lifestyle, and striving to end nutrition-related epidemics. Become part of the rebels for wellness.



About Albert Estvander

Curiosity has been a long-time companion of mine. In high school, my thirst for knowledge partnered with an attention to detail that led me to become valedictorian.

By college, I believed success was my middle name. As an undergraduate at Purdue University, I honed my appreciation for evidence-based research through the mental rigors of attaining a Nuclear Engineering degree. Additionally, the physical demands of being part of the Naval Officer Training Corps (ROTC) allowed me to adapt this same meticulous mindset to my physique. My habit became second nature.

After graduating, I started my commission as a Naval Officer. I celebrated how much I was crushing it. Yes, I got to drive warships, become part of an elite community, and be put in a leadership position that few people outside of college could ever hope for.

Standing grueling 4-5 hour rotating day and night watches, qualifying for different watch stations and ultimately my Surface Warfare Pin, and rotating through multiple divisional billets, satisfied my drive to learn new things.

I continued to be fascinated by the navy’s physical regulations. Soon enough, I found myself more fit than at any time in my life. I was realizing that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle extended beyond just being in shape. I found that I had more energy, could handle stress better, and just felt better overall. My interest in a healthy lifestyle grew day-by-day. It’s no surprise that eventually one of my duties became Command Fitness Leader (CFL). 

Plus, I enjoyed the people I worked with. Other Sailors were very high achievers, proving their merit day-in and day-out. Unfortunately, under the regulations at that time as CFL, I was responsible for terminating the service of some of these Sailors because of them being overweight for too long.


Hi, I’m Al. 

And I’m a truth-seeker.

I became curious. Why couldn’t these fellow stellar achievers stay in shape? Was it a matter of discipline? They wouldn’t be able to get where they were in the navy if they didn’t have discipline, though. Was there something else I was missing?

That’s when I noticed the differences in how Sailors ate. I myself had whatever food I wanted, the more fried, buttery, and creamier the better. But older warrant officers or the captain would carefully restrict their plates to salads for lunch, or lean, grilled portions of meat for dinner.

As an experiment, I began to mimic their eating patterns. I was surprised to find that I felt even better than I had with just exercise alone, and that the exercise I did perform, I performed with greater endurance. This was some cool stuff!

After the navy, I was drawn deeper into health and wellness. For three years, I immersed myself in books and scientific articles. My careful study compared and analyzed all the information I could get my hands on. I began to see patterns, contradictions, political and economic forces at work beyond the science. I tried out more experiments on myself, changing ratios of the macronutrients, understanding and incorporating more micronutrients and nutrient dense food into my diet. I was trying to optimize my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. I wanted to know precisely how much my body was capable of.

Things couldn’t have been better.

Then, I received dreadful news… A close friend from college had passed away.

Disjointed thoughts and fragmented anger and sadness flooded me. She had her whole life to live! Why? Why did people die before their time? The news was a wakeup call for me.

I noticed that many of my friends and family were suffering from nutritional-related epidemics like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and depression. I didn’t want their lives to be cut short as well, so I asked myself how I could use my accumulated knowledge to serve them in a profound, effective, and lasting way.  

My first attempt at discussing these issues with my loved ones didn’t go so well. Apparently, they weren’t that enthralled about how mineral concentration fluctuations affected bodily energy transport. Instead, they wanted to know, “What’s for dinner?”

This is where my journey truly began.

I talked with my family again, not by bombarding them with literature, but by understanding first their day-to-day issues, and then how to work manageable healthy practices into their routine, one step at a time.

Seeing success in this approach, I knew the time for action had come. I started Reform Balance to amplify and broadcast my passion for a healthy lifestyle to the greater global community.

Reform Balance exists to arm people with extensive nutritional information along with practical tips for implementation, so that the day will come when we can stem needless loss of life, prevent nutrition-related epidemics from forming in the first place, and be able to better appreciate the gift of a full life.