How Grounding Helps Me


Have you tried grounding yet?

In a previous article, Breathwork Steps We Can All Take , I discussed how I practice a form of Zen meditation to control my breath and ultimately  become relaxed. Grounding, or Earthing, has also been proven to induce relaxation. See our article Grounding: Relax as Nature Intended to find out more about this cool, emerging science! Combining breathwork with my practice of grounding, then, compounds calming effects even more.

On weekends, I head to a nearby park bench inside the courtyard of our apartment complex. I take off my rubber-soled shoes, so that my feet will be directly in contact with the ground. I stand up, so I’m not insulated by the wood from the bench. Then, for 10-15 minutes on the grass, I perform my Zen practice, soaking up the negative charge of the earth from below and some vitamin D from the sun above.

During this time, I notice some of the pain eases from my neck, shoulders, and lower back, areas that I’ve had chronic pain in for years. I also feel calm and focused, making Zen even easier to perform. Most profound of all, though, is that I start noticing the chirps and flight of birds overhead, the rustle in the trees as a breeze passes, and that I, too, am part of this scene. This may not sound very profound, but for me (living in a big city, away from most of my family and friends) it shifts my thoughts from alienation, sadness, and longing, to gratitude for what I currently have and where I currently am in life.

The good news is that grounding is completely free and easy. Like me, all someone needs to do is go barefoot for some time outside whenever your schedule (and the weather) allow. Walking, standing, sitting, or laying down, whether on grass or at the beach, helps. Even gardening has therapeutic effects due to getting your hands in the dirt. If you get bored easily, (or don’t want to look awkward if there are a lot of other people around), bring a book to read while you ground.

During the week, however, if you’re like me, you may not have time to ground even 5 minutes a day. In this case, there are indoor options that you may consider investing in, including mats you can place on your office chair or on your bed. I have not purchased these items, but if any of you have, I’d love to here if it was worth the investment! Finally, taking a nice, hot shower, from the electrically charged water flowing through metal piping, also gives you an indoor way to ground.

Have you tried grounding yet? Did you invest in any of the technology and products? Did you experience less pain, better sleep, increased energy from them? Let me know in the comments below!