Homemade Granola: A Subtly Sweet Step towards Wellness

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When I first began my journey to better living, I made this granola, which has no preservatives; no refined sugar or salt; and uses just raw ingredients like rolled oats, cranberries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dates, and coconut oil.

For the complete recipe, click here: Homemade Granola

I didn’t like it.

I found that adding nutritional value sacrificed the sweet flavor I was used to.

But instead of focusing on what I was giving up, I kept my sight on what I was gaining, where I was headed.

Just as smokers use patches to quit (and ease guilt along the way), I saw my new natural sweet creation as my sweet tooth addiction patch.

I saw how I could indulge myself right after waking up, making getting out of bed that much easier!

I saw my healthy self looking back at me, urging me on. “Pass up that donut,” my future self would lovingly remind me. I also kept my history of indulgences in mind. “You may smell that amazing sweetness coming from the bakery shop, but remember how you felt after scarfing it down, how unsettled your stomach was.”

After time, I didn’t even think much about my unconscious, healthier eating choices.

And now I see, as I remade my granola between layers of coconut yogurt and took the first spoonful after first beginning, how I love the taste! I even get sick eating anything close to the sweet things I once had.

And I see how that space I envisioned along the way, that helped me slowly level up and bridge my wellness gap, involved a simple mindset shift.

Positive thoughts and mantras, though seemingly unsubstantial, can become very powerful tools during such transition times. Do you use any positive self-talk in your life? If so, how? Comment below and let us know!