Infuse your water, Infuse your life

Changing habits starts with the easy things.


Do you struggle with drinking enough water? Do you not like the taste and turn to soda, carbonated juices, and energy drinks? Is lacking flavor why it’s hard to diet in general? At Reform Balance, we know how hard goal- and habit- keeping can become. I’ve found, through my journey, that one way to stay inspired is by spicing things up.

Therefore, one step I took was to infuse my water. Check out the flavors I went with here: Infused Water Recipes. It was tempting, especially since I was limited on time, to consume store-bought “natural” infused waters. These options, however, were dismissed after I glanced at nutrition labels and saw how loaded they are with preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and colorings.


It took a bit more time, but I made it, to rinse and chop a few fruits, veggies, and herbs and drop them in my glass. This way, I received natural phytonutrients and flavors and increased the potency of my drinks without sacrificing nutritional value. And now that the water became deliciously infused, I toasted to how much more manageable my hydration became.

Drinking water is not only good for hydration, though. I also found that I started losing weight! Check out the article Can water help you lose weight? to find out why and how this happened.

I also added high fiber fruits and vegetables like apples and cucumber. I would munch on them as I drank, as long as they still had retained most of their flavor.

I found that I could keep my infusions in the fridge for up to 10-12 hours before drinking for maximum flavors in the water. Discard the infusing ingredients after this time, though, since they will start to decompose.

On the other hand, if I was in a hurry on some days and didn’t plan, I found that crushing or bruising fruit and herbs released the flavors more quickly. I figured if it worked for lemongrass when I made my Thai sauce, it should work for this, too.

Mostly, I drank up before a meal so it would fill me up so I didn’t eat as much, and it helped with my digestion. Sometimes, I would also down a glass after dinner if I found myself craving dessert. After drinking, I would no longer have cravings.

In the end, infusing your water is a great place to start transforming mundane daily practices. Other ways to reinforce this habit are to carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go, or to download an app to track your water intake so you can see your progress over time!

If this water infusion practice works for you, what other areas of your life are you struggling with becoming better at but have had no success with in the past? Is there perhaps a way to infuse those ordeals to better tackle them? How do you like to drink water? Do you find it helpful to add flavor? Comment below and let us know.